Monday, March 7, 2011

The Yoke of Tyranny

There are some excellent comments following the article here, but this is the one that nails it.

"Boston now has to resort to illegal means to sustain its abusive employee benefits."

Our local government preys on us. Ponder the implications of that fact. I will only add the following: Government will continue to prey on us citizens until we destroy their ability to do so, and that will likely require, when it all shakes out, extra-legal measures by us citizens to rectify the situation to our satisfaction. I make this observation based on the simple fact that if the courts are riding herd with efforts to confiscate, steal, and otherwise abuse the citizenry, which they are, then achieving justice and reform from within the system, will be, by definition, impossible. Anything less than the SJC overturning the institution of fees to challenge tickets in court will be proof of that assertion.


DED said...

Wow! This is wrong on so many levels. I seriously hope the SJC sees the unconstitutional nature of this. What's next? A return of voter registration and ballot fees?

DED said...

This comment has nothing to do with the topic, but I thought that this might be of interest to you: Rand Paul on The Daily Show. It three parts. If all goes well, parts 2 & 3 will load automatically.

Edwardo said...

Thanks, Ded. I'll check it out.

Edwardo said...

Well, I'm afraid I wasn't impressed. Here are a few examples-not in order of importance-regarding why.

1.)Rand Paul would apparently like to balance the budget, and he references Clinton and his administration as the last Presidency in which the budget was balanced. Clinton "borrowed" from SS to "balance the budget" which is another way of saying he didn't balance the budget.

Furthermore, the ever growing national debt is what must be addressed, not simply the yearly budget over runs.

2.)Waste in The Military? Almost the entire military is a waste if one simply employs a sane argument
based on a practical philosophy rooted in the sort of world view, i.e. "no foreign entanglements" that Rand Paul claims imbues his political orientation.

But, alas, just as in the case of bloated Federal entitlement programs, the military amounts to another third rail in U.S. politics, where absolutely not a jot of sanity can be applied to the discussion.

In short, the basic premise behind our military's existence can never be questioned. As a quick review, here is that which can never be questioned:

A.) The military is the corportocracy's ultimate tool of international "diplomacy."

B.)In the meantime, when "diplomacy" isn't actually being applied, it is a superb vehicle for ripping off huge profits-see General Smedly Butler's "War is a racket" meets Ike's Military Industrial Complex.

C.) The military is a very cost effective repository in which to place a lot of young, (mostly) unemployable male and female youth who, as restless and impoverished citizens walking the streets, would otherwise represent an even greater burden, broadly defined, on the home front.

And, so, we are left with wholly inadequate approaches to the military issue that involve "wasteful spending" initiatives that are nothing more than tinkering and absurd, because, wasteful spending, see B.) is endemic to the very existence of the military. Without it there wouldn't be a military. The very idea of removing wasteful spending from the military is akin to a geologist attempting to rid striations in rock formations. They, like wasteful spending are, to say the least inextricable from the entire structure.

Johnny D. said...

Preach it, Edwardo! Well said!

DED said...

Well, at least he said that cuts to military spending were necessary, which is not something that's ever said by Republicans. You won't get to a policy of "no foreign entanglements" overnight, certainly not with the 9/11 political generation still around.

And repaying the Debt isn't possible until the annual deficit problem is addressed.

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