Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas...

and a Happy New Year.

This is my end of the year post, and it is simply a series of not so simple questions for you to consider providing answers to. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

1.) In the last year, what, if anything, have (you) learned about the culture we live in with respect to its functioning, resiliency, and its likely future?

2.) What are your biggest concerns with respect to the health of the nation vis a vis your own fortunes?

3.) If you could live in another (or other) part(s) of the world, where would it/they be, and why-other than weather related reasons- would you choose to live there?

4.) What sort of interesting developments or changes do you imagine will come about in the U.S. in the next twelve months? What have been the most interesting or meaningful ones to come about in the prior twelve months?


Johnny D. said...

And Merry Christmas to you, Edwardo!

Listen, um, these "wait three weeks and then post" deals are getting a bit stale. Anyhow, as I sit here with the North Korean Junga-Junga Hell-Flu and try to contemplate your questions, I find this hot toddy I'm drinking to be less than helpful with regard to my concentration.

Culture? We have some? We are expert consumers - that is our culture. Future? We're in for a MAJOR reset.

2.) We're going down. Austerity in Greece and other such fine locales ain't gonna have jack on us. My fortunes are just OK. I haven't put away as much gold, guns, grain as I'd like, but I have at least made some plans.

3.) I like it here in the U.S. But I need to be in Wyoming - far from people.

4.) Not sure. I'm thinking 2011 will be the last year the maniacs running things can get away with kicking the can, but I've thought that the past 2 years.

Merry Christmas, Edwardo!

Edwardo said...

Yes, I think the gaps between posts are too long, and I should probably fish or cut bait. However, I've been very short on time for a while now. I use the tern culture advisedly. It seems more encompassing than nation, but, perhaps, due to the paucity of what passes for culture in the U.S., I may skip using the word in future.

attempter said...

Greetings of the season, Edwardo and JD (and everyone else).

1. I guess I didn't learn anything new, but had everything I already thought further confirmed.

One thing that's become more clear is how absolutely committed these criminal governments are to their robberies, and what absolute, open contempt for democracy they have.

Not that it's really come up in America, but even in France, Greece, Britain, and elsewhere where the people really have tried to fight back, for the elites there's never the slightest question regarding their right and entitlement to go ahead with their crimes.

2. I don't know how it'll effect me. I'm hoping to make a new career out of food relocalization, so my political and my personal goals are complementary. Success in either should bolster the other.

On the one hand, I think that the worse things get, the more people will turn to these ideas and practices. That would make things easier. On the other hand, part of things getting bad is the possible increase in repression of those practices. So that would make things harder. (But also help reveal to people the real nature of the regime, and the real path to freedom and prosperity.

3. If people like us needed to think about asylum, where would be a likely spot? Venezuela? Bolivia? Maybe Ecuador, or Nepal? Those are among a handful of places I can think of who have declared any opposition whatsoever to neoliberal ideology and practice.

attempter said...

That's "affect".

Johnny D. said...

Edwardo, "Listen, um, these "wait three weeks and then post" deals are getting a bit stale" was my "manly" way of saying you were missed.

Johnny D. said...

Oh, and as usual, Russ said everything I tried to say, only with superior clarity.

One thing though, Switzerland looks pretty good to me.

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