Friday, November 12, 2010

The Oil's Still There

Some days I wake up and feel as if The United States should be, in a manner of speaking, broken up into pieces, formally dismantled bit by bit like an outdated, malfunctioning mechanical device. In truth, for quite some time, my default view has been that the breakup of The Union is as inevitable as anything in human affairs can be said to be, but, lately, my opinion is that sooner might be better than later as maintaining our collective presence seems, upon consideration, to be doing the vast majority of the local (and not so local) citizenry more harm than good.

I suppose, this morning, I was especially impelled towards this feeling by reading this. As The Gulf of Mexico fiasco was occurring, I devoted quite a bit of blog space to discussion of this year's, if not this decade's, if not this century's, most sickening, literally and figuratively, corporate/government act of skullduggery.

The glaringly indisputable fact that We The People haven't taken bold steps to hold to account the primary malefactors in this ongoing tragedy-as has been the case with so many other outrages- may be the most sickening aspect to date of the entire affair. As a result, I can't help but conclude that We The People absolutely do not deserve The Republic that, on a daily basis, many of us still foolishly imagine exits. However, we almost certainly deserve the one that we have allowed to be constructed, namely a massive, fetid, cauldron of consumer catatonia fully owned and operated by a rapacious and shockingly hollow nexus of political and corporate mountebanks.

Speaking of which, Obama, and his ostentatious traveling caravan designed to pimp internationally for corporate America, seems to be falling flat, and one also gets the distinct feeling that the result of this weekend's G20 meetings in Korea will, likewise, not yield anything helpful or useful towards addressing the growing fissures in the global monetary system. And yet, next to the more parochial on going catastrophe in The Gulf of Mexico, which, except on the slick, unsullied surface appears to be anything but related to the business (not being) efficaciously conducted in Korea, such portentous international events pale.


DED said...

I originally had a lengthy reply to this post which echoed your sentiments but I scrapped it. Just like an echo, it was diminished from the original.

I don't know if you read fiction, but I posted a short story online and thought you might like it. It generally fits in with what you blog about. As it's meant to be entertainment rather than political discourse, it skims the surface of the topic rather than delving in too deep. The story is called "Collection Notice."

Edwardo said...

I look forward to reading it, Ded.