Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where's The Rule of Law in Lawmaking?

They are going to do what they want even if it kills you. Bela Lugosi, excuse me, Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of Demoncrat bloodsuckers, not to be confused with the Repugnantcan bloodsuckers, are at it again. Remember, my fellow Americans, every vote doesn't count.


DED said...

I rarely agree with David Dreier, but, for once, I do. However, if the shoe were on the other political foot, I don't believe that Dreier's party would be above this sort of behavior as well.

If Pelosi does this, there will be an uproar. I think that move will sway more independents to a negative inclination towards Democrats than voting for the bill outright. They'll see this as an undemocratic (as in democracy, not party) power play, something we saw plenty of in the previous admin.

Edwardo said...

"I don't believe that Dreier's party would be above this sort of behavior as well."

Indeed, Ded, they would behave similarly, if not exactly the same. The parties are only interested in who gets to be the lead sled dog in behaving like a thug. Their programs are far more alike than not. I recommend Volatility Blog for an excellent forensic analysis of this condition.

DED said...

I just read a few posts over there. Definitely a good read. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Anonymous said...

And now Kucinich made it unanimous. Oh well, he was bound to cave in sooner or later. They're all scum, every last one of them.

I think the worst part of it are the absolutely hideous liberal hacks cheering for this thing. After eight years of Bush I'm used to right wing thugs, but even though intellectually I always knew most "progressives" are no better, it's still a novel experience to actually see it everywhere. I guess that's why my posts this week were especially emphasizing that.

Hopefully I've gotten them out of my system for now. :)

Edwardo said...

Well, Russ, putting Kucinich and other's shameful cave aside, they are almost all scum.