Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Grand Wobble, Part 3.

From denials regarding the doctored science of climate change, to the fresh commitment of troops to Afghanistan, to delaying the release of documents pertaining to military operations, to a health care bill that few credible observers believe is anything but an ill conceived act of supplication to insurers, and last but not least, to the completely flaccid legislative and executive response to the predations of the banking system and financial industry, things really are going pear shaped in a hurry here in Freedom's Land.

And while I realize that, in this hectic holiday season, it is easy to be distracted from the aforesaid damnable developments by one's shopping requirements, and the travails of the Salahi couple, who, despite their vehement protestations to the contrary, appear to have rather audaciously crashed a White House soiree, one should not let quotidian demands and main stream media sideshows obfuscate the fact that our republic is being run into the ground, and the people's welfare trampled, by a corrupt political class operating on behalf of a very small group of excessively empowered corporations and elite individuals.