Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well, well, well.

Someone is throwing down the gauntlet. See the video at the site and tell me what you think.


Gary said...

Wow. His YouTube video has 1.39 million hits. That message will strike a chord with most non-bankers.

I'm not sure what the Obama administration hopes to gain by calling him in to the White house. Shining the spotlight on him is a risk, in my opinion. Many, many more people will see the video for that reason. Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

Edwardo said...

Indeed, it could, and I expect and hope it will.

Ronbert said...

Let's hope he doesn't have an accident.

just sign me Paranoid

DED said...

Interesting. I'm certainly curious to hear what happens.

Shiner said...

That guy is a right wing asshole. I bet he was silent while Bush was ripping off the country.

Trying to blame illegals and the whole English first theme are both classic divide and conquer tactics used by the elite. Don't we have much bigger problems?

This guy is simply an actor playing a role. Obama wants him at the White House so he can pretend to be a populist.

The right wingers are crazy people. They ran out and bought guns and bullits as soon as it became evident that Obama was going to win. Now they are openly calling for revolution after watching Bush trample all over their constitution for years. All the while cheering him on.

Only stupidity can explain why people on the right dislike Obama. Obama is a corporitist through and through. Just like Bush. To love one and hate the other is foolish.

This country might need a revolution but NOT one led by right wing assholes like this clown in a patriot costume.

Edwardo said...

Shiner, I think much of what you say is absolutely true.
Bush and Cheney did trample on the Constitution, and where were the calls for revolution then, much less for Bush's impeachment from people like Mr. Bass.

As for immigration, while it is an important issue, it is hardly at the nexus of the nation's greatest problems presently. Certainly scapegoating illegal immigrants within the context of our present ills amounts to a cheap shot.

Still, let's not throw out the baby with the bath water when we excoriate this particular messenger and his flawed message. We Americans, for whatever reason, have not been, in the aggregate, vigilant in the face of government's capture by the financial services industry. And if it takes an intellectually questionable blowhard dressed like Sam Adams to help rouse us to action, so be it.