Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet The New Boss!

Will he be the same as the old boss? Of course not. President Obama is clearly a vastly different and superior character to his reviled predecessor. Having said that, I do not necessarily expect a successful four years of governance by our new Commander in Chief. I will now observe what has been observed here before, and is being observed at many blogs, Secretary of Treasury nominee Tim Geithner, who would be the nation's chief tax collector, is himself a tax evader of egregious proportions. His appointment belies (and how) the Obama mantra/brand of "Change we can believe in." There's really not a whole lot else to say on this point, as the proof is (and will be) in the pudding. And while the aforesaid concoction is baking in the oven, where it will remain for some time, the oven has a window and a pilot light to see how the pudding is progressing. What I see so far is, at best, mixed.


David said...

I am not very excited about the decision to nominate Ray LaHood as Secretary of Transportation, either.

Edwardo said...

He seems like a strange one for sure since he presided over the vote to impeach Bill Clinton. I can just imagine cabinet meetings. Hillary and Mr. Lahood will definitely not be seated at the same end of the big conference table.

Yophat said...

The whole left vs right is such a facade!