Monday, March 17, 2008

A Tale of Two Quotes.

"Now we are in the soup and we better get ourselves out of it before the consequences get drastic," Democratic presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters. Barack Obama said: "History will not judge President Bush kindly for his failure to act in a way that could've prevented or alleviated this economic crisis."

Before consequences get drastic? Ms. Clinton, you are obviously clueless. The situation passed drastic quite a while back. We are now well into a whole new realm of awfulness. Mr. Obama, your statement is a tad more on the ball regarding the Commander in Chief's lack of effective prophylactic attention to, what is now, as per my earlier comment, a fairly well established catastrophe. Unfortunately, both of your comments taken in the aggregate amount to little more than buck passing nonsense since the legislative branch of the U.S. government has had plenty of opportunity to arrest this epic mess before it went beyond drastic. So tell me, you two career politicians possessing overweening ambition but precious little else, what did either of you say or do to address the situation before it went totally pear shaped? Exactly! Now tell me again, why should I vote for either one of you? In the meantime, I can hardly wait for whatever pearl of wisdom John "Keating Five" McCain has to offer.

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