Saturday, May 19, 2007

We've Been Had...Again!

More and more it appears that citizens who voted for Democrats in the last mid-term election hoping that a congressional overhaul would usher in a new mode of federal governance are seeing their hopes dashed unceremoniously. As a jaded, er, wizened observer of the machinations of politicians of all stripes, I must observe that with respect to dashed hopes, the handwriting was on the wall pretty much from the get go when the newly installed speaker, Nancy Pelosi, went out of her way immediately after the election to proclaim that impeachment of President Bush was off the table. Some observers surmised that perhaps she was just talking nice for appearances sake. Alas, on that score, the California congresswoman seems to have meant what she said, and more’s the pity, since less than half a year after the big Democratic victory, not only does the Chief Executive’s hold on his office remain unthreatened, but so do most of his policies and initiatives.

A close examination of the legislation connected to the war in Iraq reveals the thinnest of gruels where prospective troop withdrawal is concerned. In fact, rather the opposite has transpired as the Democrats, despite some grumbling, have gone along with the idiotic “troop surge”. But that’s just the beginning of their weak acquiescence to the nasty, if not insane, status quo. A quick examination of the latest trade agreement, crafted just a tad too easily between Democrats and Republicans, evidences another sellout as the tough pro-labor language in the agreement only applies to those two trading behemoths, Panama and Peru, to which I say, piss poor.


DED said...

the handwriting was on the wall pretty much from the get go

Yeah, you're right. Pretty effing lame on the Dems part.

Mike said...

Makes me ill.